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The goal of the Web site is to make it easy for you to find, evaluate, and/or purchase an infertility book. This Web site is ideal for you if:

  • You are looking for a book about infertility but are not sure of a title.

  • You are interested in a particular infertility book, but want to get more information about the book.

You can obtain many advantages by using, including:

  1. Review the largest selection of organized infertility books anywhere on the Internet. We offer over 320 infertility books organized into helpful subject categories.

  2. Read books online. We offer numerous online infertility books and chapters.

  3. Find infertility books which are not available at large online bookstores. For example, has the entire online book How to Have a Baby - Overcoming Infertility, which you cannot find at or Barnes & Noble.

  4. Obtain the maximum information about a book before you buy it:

    • Most of the books on contain descriptions from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble sites, so you don't need to visit each of those sites for the book descriptions.

    • Some books on contain descriptions from the publishers' Web sites. These descriptions are not found on the Amazon or Barnes & Noble sites.

  5. Find books via very helpful subject listings. offers subject listings such as Assisted Reproductive Technologies, egg donation, emotional issues, male infertility, and natural methods, which allow you to find exactly the books you are looking for. has already done the book organizing for you. The large online bookstores have so many books that they are unable to organize their infertility books down to this level of specificity. 
    Although large online bookstores offer keyword searches, these searches are often unreliable, as detailed in Problems with Keyword Searches. Here are the main problems with keyword searches:

    • Not all books will display that should display

    • Many wrong books will display

    • Too many books might display

    • You won't know all the possible keywords to search on

    To fix these keyword searching problems, performed dozens of keyword searches to find all the infertility books that would be of interest to our readers and placed the books into easy-to-use subject categories.

  6. Review only those books of interest to you as a consumer or a professional. has separate sections for consumers and professionals. This means that if you are a consumer, you won't have to wade through professional books, which would be of no interest to you.

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