Professional Subject: Biological Factors

This subject contains books about biological factors related to infertility. Additional information:

  1. The Biological Basis of Early Human Reproductive Failure: Applications to Medically-Assisted Conception, by Jonathan, Ph.D. Van Blerkom

  2. The Fallopian Tubes: Their Role in Fertility and Infertility, by R.H.F. Hunter

  3. Infertility and Birth Defects: Is Mercury from Silver Dental Fillings an Unsuspected Cause by Sam Ziff, Michael F. Ziff 

  4. The Menstrual Cycle: Physiology, Reproductive Disorders, and Infertility, by Michel Ferin, Raphael Jewelewicz, Michelle Warren

  5. Molecular Biology in Reproductive Medicine, by B.C.J.M. Fauser, A. J. Rutherford, J. F. Strauss

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