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Diagnostic Imaging in Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology, by Richard Jaffe, Roger A. Pierson, Jacques S. Abramowicz

Diagnostic Imaging in Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology

by Richard Jaffe (Editor), Roger A. Pierson (Editor), Jacques S. Abramowicz (Editor)

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Format: Hardcover, 1st ed., 416pp.  
ISBN: 0397513518
Publisher: Lippincott-Raven Publishers  
Pub. Date: August 1994

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Book Description 

This is the first text/atlas to present state-of-the-art imaging strategies and a detailed discussion of infertility diagnosis and assisted reproduction techniques in one comprehensive book. Written and compiled by a team of international experts, this text demonstrates the latest advances in ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, and hysterosalpingography for the treatment of infertility and reproductive endocrine disorders. Other features include a systematic approach to the work-up of the infertile couple, extensive explanations of Doppler images, and detailed views of normal and abnormal pelvic anatomy using the latest imaging modalities. This beautifully illustrated text contains nearly 600 detailed images with 100 in color.

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The book contains predominantly black-and-white illustrations, with some color illustrations.

From the Publisher 

Jaffe, Richard, MD(Univ of Rochester); Pierson, Roger A., MS, PhD(Univ of Saskatchewan); Abramowicz, Jacques S., MD(Univ of Rochester)

The contributors represent the specialties of obstetrics and gynecology, urology, sonography, immunology, physical therapy, reproductive endocrinology, and diagnostic radiology. Most come from North America; and nine are from the U.K. and Europe. Institutions prominently represented include Univ of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry and Univ of Saskatchewan Coll of Medicine.

Table of Contents 

1 Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Normal Pelvic Anatomy   1

2 Ultrasonography of Abnormal Pelvic Anatomy   23

3 Ultrasonographic Assessment of the Endometrium During the Normal Menstrual Cycle   47

4 Ultrasonographic Evaluation of the Endometrium During Ovulation Induction   53

5 Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Uterine Anomalies   63

6 The Role of Ultrasonography in the Diagnosis and Management of Cervical Incompetence   93

7 Ultrasonography of Normal and Abnormal Follicular Development   117

8 Transvaginal Ultrasonographic Assessment of Normal and Aberrant Ovulation   129

9 Ultrasonography of Normal and Aberrant Luteogenesis   143

10 The Role of Ultrasonography in Ovulation Induction   155

11 Transvaginal Color Doppler Ultrasonography in the Assessment of Uterine and Ovarian Blood Flow   167

12 Imaging in the Evaluation of Oviduct Anatomy and Physiology   179

13 The Role of Ultrasonography in Oocyte Retrieval for In Vitro Fertilization and Other Assisted Reproductive Technologies   191

14 Transcervical Catheterization in Tubal Obstruction, Gamete Transfer, and Ectopic Gestation   199

15 Doppler Flow Analysis and Conventional Ultrasonography for Evaluation of the Infertile Male   207

16 Transrectal Ultrasonography in Diagnosis and Management of Male Infertility   217

17 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Normal Female Pelvis   231

18 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Abnormal Pelvic Anatomy   249

19 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Uterus Under Hormonal Stimulation    269

20 Computed Tomography of Normal and Abnormal Female Pelvic Anatomy   285

21 Computed Tomography of Testicular Anatomy and Pathology   307

22 Hysterosalpingography of the Normal Pelvis   313

23 Hysterosalpingography of the Abnormal Pelvis   321

24 Color Doppler Hysterosalpingography   335

25 Color Doppler Imaging and Assessment of Early Placental Circulations   345 

26 Transvaginal Ultrasonography of Normal and Abnormal First-Trimester Pregnancies   355

27 Imaging and Conservative Treatment of Ectopic Gestation   369

28 Multiple Gestation and Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction   381

29 New Directions in Imaging in Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology   389 

Index   399

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