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Infertility Books for Professionals
listed by title

Typically, the paperback version, rather than the hardback version, is listed

  1. Advances in Clinical Andrology, by Christopher L. R. Barratt, I. D. Cooke
  2. Andrology and Human Reproduction, Vol. 47, by Andres Negro-Vilar, John D. Paulson
  3. Aspects of Male Infertility (International Perspectives in Urology, V. 4), by Ralph W. Devere White, Ralph D. White
  4. Atlas of Clinical Gynecology: Reproductive Endocrinology Volume, by Daniel R., MD Mishell
  5. Atlas of Female Infertility Surgery, by Robert B. Hunt
  6. Atlas of Human Sperm Morphology, by Roelof Menkveld
  7. Atlas of Infertility: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imaging, by Amy S. Thurmond
  8. Atlas of Infertility Surgery, by Robert W. Kistner
  9. Atlas of Surgical Management of Male Infertility
  10. Bioengineering in Reproductive Medicine by Sujoy K. Guha
  11. The Biological Basis of Early Human Reproductive Failure: Applications to Medically-Assisted Conception, by Jonathan, Ph.D. Van Blerkom
  12. Boston IVF - Handbook of Infertility: A Practical Guide for Practitioners Who Care for Infertile Couples, by Steven R. Bayer
  13. Childless: No Choice: The Experience of Involuntary Childlessness, by James H. Monach
  14. Clinical Cases: Infertility / Complete Set
  15. Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility, by Leon Speroff, et al 
  16. Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology & Infertility: Text, Self-Assessment and Study Guide on CD-ROM (for Windows & Macintosh), by Leon, Md. Speroff, et al
  17. Clinical Infertility, by David W. Keller and Ronald C. Strickler
  18. Clinical Reproductive Medicine, by Bryan D. Cowan, David B. Seifer
  19. Common Problems in Infertility and Impotence, by Jacob Rajfer
  20. Controls of Sperm Motility: Biological and Clinical Aspects, by Claude Gagnon
  21. Controversies in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (Current Topics in Obstetrics and Gynecology), by Michael R. Soules
  22. Counseling for Unplanned Pregnancy and Infertility (Resources for Christian Counselors Series, Vol 10), by Everett Washington
  23. Counselling for Fertility Problems, by Jane Read
  24. Counselling in Male Infertility, by Sammy Lee
  25. Couple Therapy for Infertility, by Ronny Diamond, et al
  26. Diagnosing Male Infertility: New Possibilities and Limits (Progress in Reproductive Biology and Medicine, Vol. 15), by Giovanni M. Colpi
  27. Diagnostic Imaging for Reproductive Failure, by Shirley McCarthy, David L. Olive
  28. Diagnostic Imaging in Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology, Richard Jaffe, Roger A. Pierson, Jacques S. Abramowicz
  29. Diagnostic Imaging of Infertility, by Alan C. Winfield
  30. Drug-Induced Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction, by Robert Forman, et al
  31. Encyclopedia of Fertility and Infertility (Library of Health and Living), by Carol Turkington, Michael, Md. Alper
  32. Encyclopedia of Reproductive Technologies, by Annette Burfoot
  33. Endocrine Disruptors: Effects on Male and Female Reproductive Systems, by Rajesh K. Naz
  34. Endocrine Management of Infertility: A Collection of Essays Based on a Series of Lectures to a Symposium Held at the University of Southampton Medic, by Terence J. Wilkin
  35. Endocrinology of Human Infertility
  36. Evaluation and Treatment of the Infertile Male, by Grace M. Centola, et al
  37. The Fallopian Tubes: Their Role in Fertility and Infertility, by R.H.F. Hunter
  38. Family Building Through Egg and Sperm Donation: Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues, by Machelle Seible, Susan L. Crockin (Professional, Egg Donation, Donor Insemination)
  39. Female Infertility, by P.J. Keller
  40. Female Infertility Therapy: Current Practice, by Zeev Shoham, Howard S. Jacobs, Colin M. Howles
  41. Fertility and Sterility: A Current Overview: Proceedings of the 15th World Congress on Fertility and Sterility Montpellier, France, 17-22 September by B. Hedon, et al
  42. Fertility and Sterility: Progress in Research and Practice, by O. Rodriguez-Armas, et al
  43. Fertility, Sterility and Contraception, by braz World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics 1988 Rio De Janeiro
  44. Frontiers in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, by C.S.A. Ng
  45. Gametes: The Spermatozoon (Cambridge Reviews in Human Reproduction), by J. G. Grudzinskas, J.L. Yovich 
  46. The Genetic Basis of Male Infertility (Results and Problems in Cell Differentiation, 28), by Ken McElreavey
  47. Gynecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine (Two-Volume Set), by B. Runnebaum, T. Rabe 
  48. Handbook for Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility, by Leon Speroff 
  49. A Handbook of Intrauterine Insemination, by Godwin I. Meniru, et al
  50. Handbook of the Assisted Reproduction Laboratory, by Brooks A. Keel, et al
  51. Handbook of the Laboratory Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility, by Brooks A. Keel, Bobby W. Webster
  52. Hormonal Factors in Fertility, Infertility and Contraception (Research on Steroids, Vol 10/International Congress Series, 580), by H. J. Van Der Molen
  53. Hysterosalpingography: A Text and Atlas, by David J. Ott, Jamil A. Fayez, Ronald J. Zagoria
  54. Hysterosalpingography and Pelvic Ultrasound: Imaging in Infertility and Gynecology, by Isabel Yoder
  55. Immunological Obstetrics, by Carolyn B. Coulam, et al
  56. Immunology of Reproduction, by Rajesh K. Naz
  57. Impotence and Infertility (Atlas of Clinical Urology, V.1, by Marc Goldstein, Tom F. Lue
  58. The Infertile Male: The Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment, by Richard F. Spark
  59. Infertility, by A. A. Templeton, J. O. Drife
  60. Infertility: A Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment, by Melvin L., M.D. Taymor
  61. Infertility: A Comprehensive Text, by Machelle M. Seibel
  62. Infertility: Diagnosis and Management (Clinical Perspectives in Obstetrics and Gynecology), by James Aiman
  63. Infertility: Evaluation and Treatment, by William R. Keye,Jr., R. Jeffrey Chang, Robert W. Rebar, Michael R. Soules
  64. Infertility: Male and Female, by Vaclav Insler, Bruno Lunenfeld
  65. Infertility: Male and Female (Advances in Fertility and Sterility Series, Vol 4), by Eng- World Congress on Fertility and Sterility 1986 Singapore)/ Teoh
  66. Infertility: Perspectives from Stress and Coping Research (Plenum Series on Stress and Coping), by Annette L. Stanton, Christine Dunkel-Schetter
  67. Infertility: Psychological Issues and Counseling Strategies, by Sandra R. Leiblum
  68. Infertility and Adoption: A Guide for Social Work Practice, by Deborah Valentine
  69. Infertility and Birth Defects: Is Mercury from Silver Dental Fillings an Unsuspected Cause by Sam Ziff, Michael F. Ziff
  70. Infertility and Contraception: A Textbook for Clinical Practice, by Otto Rodriguez-Armas, Salim Daya, Bernard Hedon
  71. Infertility and Identity: New Strategies for Treatment, by Lara L. Deveraux, Ann Jackoway Hammerman
  72. Infertility and Involuntary Childlessness: Helping Couples Cope, by Beth Cooper-Hilbert
  73. Infertility Counseling: A Comprehensive Handbook for Clinicians, by Linda Hammer Burns, Sharon N. Covington
  74. Infertility Counselling, by Sue Emmy Jennings
  75. Infertility in Practice, by Adam H. Balen, Howard S. Jacobs
  76. Infertility in the Male, by Larry I. Lipshultz, Stuart S. Howards
  77. Interpretation of Semen Analysis Results: A Practical Guide, by Rajasingham S. Jeyendran
  78. Issues in Reproductive Management, by Lawrence S. Neinstein
  79. Male Infertility, by T. B. Hargreave
  80. Male Infertility: A Guide for the Clinician, by Anne M. Jequier
  81. Male Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction, by Wayne J. G. Hellstrom
  82. Male Infertility From A to Z: A Concise Encyclopedia, by J. M. G. Hollanders, J. A. Carver-Ward, K. A. Jaroudi
  83. Male Reproductive Dysfunction, by Richard J. Santen, Ronald S. Swerdloff
  84. Management of Impotence and Infertility, by E. Doublas Whitehead, Harris M. Nagler
  85. Management of Infertility, by Brian M. Cohen
  86. Management of the Infertile Woman, by Helen Nelson Carcio, Helen A. Carcio
  87. Men, Women, and Infertility: Intervention and Treatment Strategies, by Aline P. Zoldbrod
  88. The Menstrual Cycle: Physiology, Reproductive Disorders, and Infertility, by Michel Ferin, Raphael Jewelewicz, Michelle Warren
  89. Microsurgery in Female Infertility, by Victor Gomel
  90. Mishell's Textbook of Infertility, Contraception, and Reproductive Endocrinology, by Rogerio A. Lobo, Richard J. Paulson
  91. Modern ART in the 2000s: Andrology in the Nineties, Vol. 8, by W. Ombelet, E. Bosmans
  92. Molecular Biology in Reproductive Medicine, by B.C.J.M. Fauser, A. J. Rutherford, J. F. Strauss
  93. New Horizons in Reproductive Medicine: The Proceedings of the IX World Congress on Human Reproduction Philadelphia, 1996 (International Congress, sym by Pa.), by Cristos Coutifaris, Luigi Mastroianni
  94. New Trends in Reproductive Medicine, by K.-H Broer, I. Turanli
  95. Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility: Handbook for Clinicians - Resident Survival Guide, by John David Gordon, Jan T. Rydfors, Yona Tadir, Maurice L. Druzin
  96. Office-Based Infertility Practice, by David B. Seifer, Robert L. Collins
  97. Pathology of Infertility, by Ivan Damjanov
  98. Practical Guide to Reproductive Medicine, by Paul A. Rainsbury, David A. Viniker
  99. Practical Guide to Setting up and Running an IVF Unit, by N. G. Nargund
  100. Practical Laboratory Andrology, by David, Ph.D. Mortimer
  101. Principles and Practice of Assisted Human Reproduction, by Robert G. Edwards and Steven A. Brody
  102. Principles of Infertility Nursing, by Catherine H. Garner
  103. Principles of Microsurgical Techniques in Infertility, by J. Reyniak
  104. Progress in Infertility, by S.J. Behrman, Grant W., Jr. Patton, Gary, M.D. Holtz
  105. Recombinant Fsh: (Puregon Preclinical and Clinical Experiences) (Studies in Profertility Series, V. 5), by H. J. Out, Herman Jan Tymen Coelingh Bennink
  106. Regulation of Male Fertility, by G. R. Cunningham, E. S. Hafez, W. B. Schill
  107. Reproductive Endocrinology, Surgery, and Technology, by Eli Y. Adashi, John A., MD Rock, Zev, MD Rosenwaks
  108. Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility Nursing (Certified Nurse Examination Series (Cn).), by Jack Rudman
  109. Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, by Edward E. Wallach, Howard A. Zacur
  110. Reproductive Medicine: From A to Z, by Peter R. Brinsden, H. E. Reiss
  111. Sexual and Reproductive Neurorehabilitation, by Mindy L. Aisen
  112. Structural Abnormalities and Reproductive Failure: Effective Techniques for Diagnosis and Management, by Gerard S. Letterie
  113. The Subfertility Handbook: A Clinician's Guide, by Gabor T. Kovacs
  114. Surgery of Male Infertility, by Marc Goldstein
  115. Technology and Infertility: Clinical, Psychosocial, Legal, and Ethical Aspects, by MacHelle M. Seibel, J. Bernstein, A. Kiessling
  116. Temperature and Environmental Effects on the Testis (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Vol 286), by Adrian W. Zorgniotti
  117. Text and Atlas of Infertility Surgery, by Robert B.Hunt
  118. Textbook of Reproductive Medicine, by Bruce R., Md. Carr, Richard E. Blackwell
  119. Towards Reproductive Certainty: Fertility and Genetics Beyond 1999: Proceedings of the 11th World Congress on In Vitro Fertilization and Human Reproductive Genetics, by Robert Jansen, David Mortimer, D. Mortimer
  120. Transplantation of Ovarian and Testicular Tissues (Medical Intelligence Unit), by R. G. Gosden, Yves Aubard
  121. Transvaginal Sonography in Infertility, by Bill Yee, Gregory Rosen, Denise L. Cassidenti
  122. Treating Male Infertility: New Possibilities (Progress in Reproductive Biology and Medicine; Vol. 16), by G.M. Colpi, M. Balerna
  123. The Treatment of Endometriosis - And Other Disorders and Infections (Recent Developments in Fertility and Sterility, Vol 4), by Y. Boutaleb, A. Gzouli
  124. The Treatment of Infertility (Recent Developments in Fertility and Sterility, Vol 1), by Y. Boutaleb, A. Gzouli
  125. Treatment of Male Infertility, by J. Bain
  126. Ultrasound and Infertility (Progress in Obstetric and Gynecological Sonography Series), by S. Kupesic, D. De Ziegler, Asim Kurjak, Ziegler
  127. Understanding Common Disorders in Reproductive Endocrinology, by Michael M. Dooley, Mark P. Brincat
  128. Unexplained Infertility, by Patrick J. Taylor, John A. Collins
  129. Unexplained Infertility: Basic and Clinical Aspects (Serono Symposia Publications from Raven Press, Vol 62), by Spera Giovanni, Lucio Gnessi
  130. WHO Manual for the Standardized Investigation and Diagnosis of the Infertile Couple, by Patrick J. Rowe, Timothy B. Hargreave, Heather J. Mellows, Frank H. Comhaire
  131. With Child in Mind: Studies of the Personal Encounter with Infertility, by Margarete Sandelowski
  132. The Year Book of Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology 1996 (Annual), by Daniel R. Mishell, Rogerio A. Lobo, Rebecca Z. Sokol

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