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Principles of Infertility Nursing, by Catherine H. Garner

Principles of Infertility Nursing

by Catherine H. Garner (Editor)

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Format: Library Binding, 187pp. 
ISBN: 0849346525
Publisher: CRC Press, LLC 
Pub. Date: February 2000

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Book Description

This book is an essential guide to nursing care of the infertile couple. It is designed to instruct nurses on the principles of care for the couple undergoing the infertility evaluation and treatment for a wide variety of conditions. Chapters are organized to address the pathophysiology, diagnostic techniques, treatment options and comprehensive nursing care of conditions such as endometriosis, ovulation disorders, uterine and tubal anomalies, and male fertility factors. There are detailed chapters that discuss coordinating therapeutic donor insemination and advanced reproductive technologies programs. Issues such as assisting couples with decision-making and addressing the psychosocial issues are covered in depth. One chapter discusses the professional development of the nurse specializing in infertility, with suggestions for structuring job responsibilities and avoiding burn-out. Experienced nurse authors offer an overview of the legal and ethical dilemmas faced by nurses. This book is a first for providing guidance to nurses in one of the newest areas of specialization.

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