Subject: For Children

This page contains books for children about conception, adoption, conception using assisted reproductive technology including IVF, third party reproductions such as egg donation, sperm donation, and embryo donation.

  1. Before You Were Born...Our Wish For A Baby (The Story of Egg Donation) (Paperback) by Janice Grimes

  2. Hope & Will Have a Baby: The Gift of Egg Donation (Paperback) by Irene Celcer (Author), Horatio Gatto (Illustrator)

  3. How Babies and Families Are Made: There Is More Than One Way! (Paperback) by Patricia Schaffer (Author), Suzanne Corbett (Illustrator)

  4. The Kangaroo Pouch: A Story About Gestational Surrogacy For Young Children (Paperback) by Sarah Phillips Pellet (Author), Laurie A. Faust (Illustrator)

  5. Mommy, Was Your Tummy Big? (Hardcover) by Carolina Nadel

  6. A Part Was Given and an Angel Was Born (Hardcover) by Rozanne Nathalie


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