Adopting After Infertility, by Patricia Irwin Johnston

Adopting After Infertility

by Patricia Irwin Johnston

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Format: Paperback, 318pp.
ISBN: 0944934102
Publisher: Perspectives Press
Pub. Date: July 1996

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The publisher, Perspectives Press:

The Infertility and Adoption Publisher ( , June 19, 1997 Printed reviews of this book include the following... From Adopted Child (July, 1993) "While there are many books that explain the adoption process, none of them explore with much depth the issues that aodptiove parents must deal with before making choices about what type of child and what type of adoption to pursue. Adopting after Inferitlity fills that gap remarkably well. It provides the kind of information that should be found in every ore-adoption class... Johnston, who is well known in the infertility and adoption communties for her work in those fields, is the natural choice for a book of this type. Her chatty style makes for easy reading, so there is no excuse for every parent considering adoption not to read this important book. From Serono Symposia's Insights into Infertility Newsletter (Winter, 1992), and reprinted in The New Social Worker (fall, 1994)..."People making the decsion to build a family through adoption after infertility must revise and reintegrate the ideas about parenthood that have been forming since childhood. Johnston recongizes this better than most. Acknowledging that some things in life remain ambivalent and ambiguous, she never attempts to make something understandable or tolerable by resorting to reductionist thinking. By refusing to trivialize a complex life experience,Ms. Johnston demonstrates the sophistication of her thinking and the genuine regard she has for her audience... This book is must reading, not only for people considering adoption, but also for those who seek to help them." from Pact Press (Winter 1994)...This clear, simple guide acknowledges that adoption may not be the right answer for everyone. This book is not only thorough, it is flled with the forthright opinions of the author. .. Though this book explores the losses associated with infertility in a clear way, the writer does not let her readers wallow. She offers the Chinese concept of crisis, consisting of danger and opprtunity as a better model. People stuck in victim behavior willlearn how loss obstructs decision-making, and, more importantly, how to move forward...It is essential reading if you are considering adoption after facing the challenges of infertility... lively and easy to understand."

"Great Source of Healing & Preparation" 

February 3, 2000 
Reviewer: Catherine from United States 

This book was required reading for the adoption agency we are going through in Dallas, Texas. And I am so glad that it was! The book is partitioned into three parts: 1) Dealing with infertility 2) Making your adoption plan 3) Raising children in a family built by adoption. The first part really helped my husband and I discuss and integrate the losses we have been feeling since our diagnosis of infertility. The second part helped us define our wants, needs, and emotions regarding our choices in adoption. And the third part will be helpful on our lifelong journey of learning how to be parents of adopted children. After experiencing infertility, we definitely appreciated the author's calm, rationale process and frank style in communicating about these very emotional issues. It gave words to some issues that we hadn't yet defined, but were definitely feeling.

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