Beyond Infertility: New Paths to Parenthood, by Susan Lewis Cooper, Ellen Sarasohn Glazer

Beyond Infertility: The New Paths to Parenthood

by Susan Lewis Cooper, Ellen Sarasohn Glazer

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Format: Hardcover, 376pp. 
ISBN: 0029118131
Publisher: Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers 
Pub. Date: February 1994

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This is a guidebook "for persons who encounter temporary or permanent personal infertility . . . and seek to experience parenthood. Part 1 focuses on the infertility experience, assistance in reproducing, pregnancy loss and when to say 'enough.' Part 2 focuses on third-party parenting: donor insemination, ovum donation, surrogates, gestation care, and embryo adoption." (Choice) Index.

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By combining their expertise on the emotional aspects of infertility with essential medical, legal, and ethical information, the authors offer couples a valuable tool for sorting through the complex issues involved in their treatment of choice, enabling them to move beyond their infertility.

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From J.E. Allen - Choice 

Cooper and Glazer (psychologist and clinical social worker, respectively), armed with 25 years experience in the field of assisted reproductive technology (ART), have written a definitive work. . . . {They} offer a complete, relatively value-free description of the ART processes and the infertility experience itself. In short, this book represents current state-of-the-art thinking and technical information to both the infertile person and professional counselors in the field. The idea that infertility can be of little emotional or other consequence to many 20th-century couples is never examined; however, those persons will not need this book, which holds as its hypothesis that 'As men and women travel the rocky terrain of infertility, their self-esteem plummets, threatening to be the most enduring loss of all.'

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In 1978, Louise Brown, the world's first ``test tube'' baby, was born, thus heralding a revolution in fertility treatment that continues today to produce new and more complex reproductive options all the time. While providing increased opportunities to those with impaired fertility, these options also bring with them myriad new dilemmas. This work, written by two highly respected infertility counselors ( Without Child , Lexington: Macmillan, 1988) presents a balanced and sensitive examination of the medical, emotional, legal, and ethical aspects of the ``high-tech'' reproductive alternatives. Part 1 discusses assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs), such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) and its variations, while Part 2 addresses third-party parenting options, from donor insemination to surrogacy, as well as the very latest developments in the field, including embryo cloning and microinsemination. The descriptions of this staggering array of treatments, plus their attendant emotional and ethical issues, make for compelling reading. Highly recommended for all infertility collections. For a complete listing of books on this topic, see ``Considering the Options: Infertility and Adoption Books,'' p. 73-76.--Ed.-- Linda Cullum, Lake Superior State Univ. Lib., Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

Table of Contents



Pt. I The Pursuit of High Technological Treatment

1 The Emotional Experience of Infertility   3

2 In Vitro Fertilization and the Assisted Reproductive Technologies   29

3 Pregnancy Loss   83

4 Moving Foreword: Deciding to End Treatment   114

Pt. II Third Party Parenting

5 Donor Insemination   137

6 Ovum Donation   197

7 Surrogacy   260

8 Gestational Care   306

9 Embryo Adoption   337

Conclusion   353

Resource List   355

Glossary   356

Notes   359

Index   367

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