Complete Guide to Fertility, by Sandra Ann Carson, Peter R. Casson, Deborah J. Shuman

Complete Guide to Fertility

by Sandra Ann Carson, Peter R. Casson, Deborah J. Shuman (Contributor)

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Format: Paperback, 1st ed., 238pp. 
ISBN: 0809228629
Publisher: NTC Publishing Group 
Pub. Date: June 1999

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The author, Deborah J. Shuman , November 11, 1999 
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I am a freelance medical writer in the Washington, DC, area. Although I am listed as a "contributor" to the ASRM Complete Guide to Fertility, I am actually the author. My extensive background in women's health and patient education led to my being asked to research and write this book for people who are struggling with the many issues surrounding fertility and infertility. (My contractual agreement with the book's developer, the Philip Lief Group, was that Drs. Carson and Casson would be listed as "authors," with my name following. This is not all that unusual in my line of work.) I have written many, many book chapters, pamphlets, and other materials for women patients, but this is my first full-length book. Working on commission as I do, and relinquishing the copyright of my work as I do under a "work-for-hire" agreement, what ends up in print does not always resemble what I first wrote. Nor does my name often appear on my work. But I am happy to say that I am proud to be associated with this particular volume. I was lucky to have a wonderful editor at PLG and gratified to see my words appear in print almost exactly as I had originally written them. I hope that the book helps people struggling with this issue to make the difficult decisions they'll no doubt face as they confront the challenges of having children.

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"...provides honest & thorough answers to common fertility questions...covers the latest advances in reproductive technology & addresses the emotional & physical effects of infertility."

From the Publisher

From the top fertility specialists in the country comes this definitive guide to reproductive medicine and the latest technologies. The Complete Guide to Fertility describes diagnoses and treatments for infertility while addressing the emotional aspects this problem can cause. With this easy-to-read book, readers dealing with infertility problems will be better informed and will be empowered to ask better questions of their doctors.

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