Conceptions & Misconceptions: Guide Through In Vitro Fertilization & Assisted Reproduction Techniques, by Arthur L. Wisot, David R. Meldrum

Conceptions & Misconceptions: A Guide Through the Maze of In Vitro Fertilization & Other Assisted Reproduction Techniques

by Arthur L. Wisot, David R. Meldrum

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Paperback (September 1997)
Hartley & Marks
ISBN: 0881791474

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"This book can help you get pregnant!" claim assisted reproduction technology (ART) physicians Wisot and Meldrum in Conception Misconception. With a career in reproductive medicine that reaches back to its early days and a long involvement in consumer health care issues, Dr. Arthur Wisot is perfectly equipped to deliver on this promise. Keenly aware of the complexity that accompanies infertility, theirs is a "buyers beware" guide to infertile couples. In the increasingly complex and sophisticated world of ART, the risk of costly and painful misinformation increases accordingly. Couples, eager and anxious to conceive, must become their own experts. But in a world of scams, schemes, false advertising claims, and complex technology, how is this accomplished? Wisot, along with Dr. David Meldrum, an in vitro fertilization pioneer, aims to answer this question in Conceptions & Misconceptions.

Primarily a guide through the in vitro procedure--fertilization that takes place outside of the body--this is the first book of its kind to offer infertile couples clear, understandable, unbiased information. Fraught with peril--emotionally and financially--the success of the procedure is easily defined: the birth of a healthy baby. But the happy outcome depends on a variety of complicated factors, many of which are detailed in Conceptions & Misconceptions: the emotional complexity of infertility, male and female physiology, and experiences ranging from diagnosis to testing, not to mention the choices of treatment and subsequent costs. An appendix features a list of valuable resources that encompasses information on reproductive medicine, adoption, support groups, and centers with a history of success. Also included is a chapter on such alternative methods as donor insemination, egg donation, surrogate parenting and adoption. The final chapter projects a bright future for the industry, with particular attention given to the many ethical concerns. 

People struggling with decisions about assisted fertility finally have a road map in Arthur Wisot and David Meldrum's informational and compassionate book, Conceptions and Misconceptions: A Guide Through the Maze of In Vitro Fertilization and other Assisted Reproduction Techniques. Wisot and Meldrum give readers the right questions to ask and the means to interpret the answers. The compassionate tone may have been gained through personal experience (coauthor Wisot and his wife Claudia have quadruplets, achieved through ovulation-inducing drug therapy in the early '70s) as well as the two doctors' years of successfully helping infertile couples have babies.

Conceptions and Misconceptions includes a detailed review of the reproductive cycle of both female and male, discussion of the causes of infertility, and an explanation of reproductive testing, treatments, and techniques. It also discusses the high risks associated with both in vitro pregnancy and multiple births, and addresses the future of assisted reproduction. This book is not light reading, yet it's exactly what the doctor ordered for those with questions about assisted reproduction. Rarely is hard-core science successfully explained in a clear, friendly, informational tone. It's been done in Conceptions and Misconceptions.

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Arthur L. Wisot, M. D. 510 N. Prospect #202, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 (310) 318-3010 , September 12, 1997 The book can help you or someone you care about have a baby. This book can help you or someone you care about have a baby!For the infertile couple, the desire for a child can turn to desperation, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation. It can be both dangerous and expensive to enter the world of assisted reproduction without an experienced guide to lead the couple through the complex technology, as well as a whole host of issues including deceptive advertising practices, clinics with poor or misleading results, allegations of unethical practices by infertility doctors, insurance coverage and cost considerations.Conceptions & Misconceptions is born of the need for clear, understandable, and unbiased information about the complex and fast-growing world of assisted reproduction. Leading fertility experts, Dr. Arthur Wisot and Dr. David Meldrum inform the reader on everything from basic physiology to choosing a doctor and cover all the latest assisted reproduction technologies and ethical issues. Accompany a patient on her 30 day journey through a cycle of in vitro fertilization and discover not only the physical but also the emotional impact of fertility treatment. This book can help couples have a baby by giving them the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.Arthur Wisot, M.D. is a gynecologist specializing in infertility. He is Executive Director at the Center for Advanced Reproductive Care (CARC) in Redondo Beach, California and clinical professor at UCLA.David Meldrum, M.D. is a reproductive endocrinologist specializing in infertility. He is the Scientific Director at CARC and clinical professor at UCLA. He and his wife have four healthy children as the result of fertility treatment."This book is filled with useful and reassuring information. It will be a great help to doctors, and patients alike."--Dr. Art Ulene, "The Today Show""In this era of constant exposure to information on infertility, Wisot and Meldrum's Conceptions & Misconceptions offers a unique and refreshing approach; readable and scientifically sound, complex concepts are presented in a fashion that makes them easy to understand and remember. Theirs is a hopeful method."--Alan H. DeCherney, M.D. Chairman, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, UCLA School of Medicine

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"...takes the readers through the process of infertility treatment and addresses medical, financial, and ethical concerns...explains how couples can guard themselves against misleading statistics & exploitation."

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