Cradle of Dreams, by Joseph Bentz

Cradle of Dreams

by Joseph Bentz

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Format: Paperback, 366pp. 
ISBN: 0764222082
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers 
Pub. Date: July 2001

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The subject of Bentz's novel infertility is topical, but the novel itself is tedious. Paul and Laura have an idyllic life: happy marriage, lovely home. After two years of trying, however, they still haven't been able to conceive. So begins the long ordeal of treatments and testing, coupled with tension and marital strife. The agonies of medical intervention soon give way to the heartaches of adoption, as Paul and Laura deal with lawyers and unreliable birth parents. The story ends happily, but by the end of the book, most readers won't care; Bentz never develops the characters enough for us to feel much concern for their plight. The novel suffers from a distinct lack of context; it plunges right into the issue of infertility from page one, and readers learn little else about Paul and Laura except that they're Christians. The dialogue is stilted, and Bentz's heavy reliance on adverbs ("Steve exclaimed, confidently"; "she said breathlessly"; "he said reluctantly") grows tiresome. The attempt at a subplot involving a friend of Laura's who gave her own baby up for adoption has potential, but Bentz skips over it in a few pages; one wonders why he bothered to include it at all. Christian couples wrestling with infertility may find this book comforting, but the heartrending and important topic deserves more nuanced treatment.

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For Anyone Who Has Ever Yearned For Something Out of Reach

The medication brought on depression, irritability, and insomnia—misery beyond what she had imagined. Yet Laura is willing to endure that and more, if only it will lead to a child. But hope fades with each new phone calll—each prognosis another blow to endure. Unwilling to give up until she has seen the last expert on earth, Laura becomes consumed with overcoming her empty arms. But why is it that she seems to struggle alone, while her husband drags his heels at every turn? Isn't this their dream she's fighting to fulfill?

Humiliation. For Paul, that word describes the whole unpleasant process. And for what? To achieve a dream no one can guarantee? He and his wife have rewarding careers, common interests and hobbies, nieces and nephews to enjoy. Now all that was good and right and comfortable about their marriage has faded with the realization of this one strike against them. Against him. Paul, feeling he owes his wife something that can never be repaid, simply wants to see Laura smile again. But at what cost?

About the Author Novelist and free-lance writer, Joseph Bentz is also a professor of American literature and journalism at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California. The family lives in California where Joseph is already at work on his third novel.

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Book 2 of Yukon Quest series bestselling author Tracie Peterson. God's promise of a new life has brought Karen, Grace, and Peter to Alaska, but the trials they face in this fierce land cause them to question His leading. As adventure and love merge, however, God's faithfulness is revealed.

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The book is fairly detailed about infertility testing and efforts to enhance chances for conception. It also provides an in-depth look at a husband's perspective on infertility and coping methods. Some readers will empathize with the couple for whom nothing seems to come easily. However, the book is a long read about the struggle against worry, depression, and the lack of communication between the couple and between them and God. Paul and Laura never seem to learn the spiritual lessons that would transform their approach to their problems. Bentz's book tackles an important and previously taboo topic. The book provides insight into the suffering of couples dealing with infertility that may be valuable to family, church members, and pastors.

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