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Expecting Trouble: Surrogacy, Reproductive Technologies, by Patricia Ann Boling, Nancy Hartsock

Expecting Trouble: Surrogacy, Fetal Abuse and New Reproductive Technologies

by Patricia Ann Boling, Nancy Hartsock (Foreword)

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Format: Paperback, 214pp. 
ISBN: 0813320038
Publisher: Westview Press 
Pub. Date: May 1995

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From the Publisher

The growing availability of unprecedented reproductive technologies has raised equally unprecedented moral and political questions, not only for pregnant women but for all those who wish the state to act humanely and wisely in this extraordinarily sensitive arena. In this timely and provocative volume a group of distinguished feminist scholars explore the ethics and the politics of issues such as surrogacy, genetic testing, in utero surgery, genetic intervention, in vitro fertilization, and fetal endangerment. Expecting Trouble is essential reading for scholars and students of women and politics, women and public policy, sexual ethics, and medical ethics.

From Booknews

A collection of ten essays written by feminist scholars exploring the ethics and the politics of such issues as surrogacy, genetic testing, in-utero surgery, genetic intervention, in-vitro fertilization, and fetal endangerment. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Table of Contents


1 Introduction   1

2 The Tailor-Made Child: Implications for Women and the State   9

3 Fetal Personhood: Political Identity Under Construction   25

4 Fetal Endangerment Versus Fetal Welfare: Discretion of Prosecutors in Determining Criminal Liability   55

5 A Gender Analysis of Policy Formation: The Case of Fetal Abuse   85

6 Punishment, Treatment, Empowerment: Three Approaches to Policy for Pregnant Addicts   109

7 The ACLU Philosophy and the Right to Abuse the Unborn   135

8 The Trope of the Dark Continent in the Fetal Harm Debates: "Africanism" and the Right to Choice   142

9 "Surrogate Mothering" and Women's Freedom: A Critique of Contracts for Human Reproduction   156

10 The "Gift" of a Child: Commercial Surrogacy, Gift Surrogacy, and Motherhood   177

About the Contributors   203

About the Book   205

Index   207

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