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Experiencing Infertility: Stories to Inform and Inspire, by Ellen S. Glazer

Experiencing Infertility: Stories to Inform and Inspire

by Ellen S. Glazer (Editor)

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Format: Paperback, 1st ed., 288pp. 
ISBN: 0787943835
Publisher: Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers 
Pub. Date: December 1998 
Edition Desc: REVISED

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This thoroughly revised version of the classic book Without Child includes essays, poems, and the very personal stories of courage and triumph from couples who themselves have experienced infertility. Ellen Sarasohn Glazer - a clinician who specializes in working with infertile couples - offers practical and sensitive advice for dealing with the many day-to-day challenges of infertility and shows the profound effect infertility has on emotions, relationships, and careers. This comprehensive resource includes new chapters on topics including cancer and infertility and gestational care.

The author

Ellen Glazer , November 19, 1998 
Personal accounts are poignant and powerful.. I put this book together by contacting people I knew who had experienced infertility (and adoption, donor gametes etc) and who had interesting and inspiring stories to tell. As the stories arrived, I found myself captivated by them. I believe that readers will react as I did--that the journey through infertility takes people to places they never expected to go and that in the journey, they grow, change and discover new paths. In addition to the personal accounts, I hope you will find my chapter introductions, on such topics as Cancer and Infertility, Parenting After Infertility and Gestational Care interesting and informative. This is a great book to own because it is one that you can pick up and put down over a period of months. It is not necessarily an "all in one sitting" book and some of the poems and short essays are worth reading and re-reading.

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This is a thorughly revised version of the paperback Without Child, the only resource available on infertility which educates by sharing others' first-hand accounts.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

1 Discovering and Assessing the Problem 5

The Sperm Sample


Too Soon

2 Navigating Through Treatment 17

Motionless Fat

Infertility Rituals

On Losing One's Virginity Again

3 The Patient-Caregiver Relationship in Infertility 31

From the Other Side: A Nurse's Perspective

On Becoming and Being an Infertility Specialist

4 Infertility and Marriage 40

Sad Music

Stay to the Outside

Keeping Faith


5 Infertility and Family 53

Not in the Family Way

Random Acts of Love

Fathers and Sons

6 Infertility and Friendship 66

My Friend Wendy

No One Disappointed Me

An Ode to the Brave Women Who Dreamed Their Children into Being

7 Infertility and Career 78

Always Present

An Old Friend

8 Infertility and Religion 87

Genesis and Infertility

My Faith and My Infertility

Vatican Adds to Isolation

9 Pregnancy After Infertility 97

Pregnancy Happens to Other People

Out of Step

My First Pregnancy

I Never Believed It

A Twist of Fate

10 Pregnancy Loss 118

The Lost Children


Andrew and Rebecca

A Borrowed Breath

My First Child

When There's No More Waiting A Father's Grief

11 Multiple Births 139

As Long As All Three Are OK

12 Moving On 146

How We Finally Did It Mother's Day

13 Adoption 155

Our Family

In the Best Interests of the Child

A Child of One's Own: Some Thoughts About Birth and Adoption

Love That Grows

Katherine's Story

Life's Journeys

Finding the Sugar

The Mother of My Child

14 Half Genetically Ours 188

Playing the Hand You're Dealt

The Gift of Life Friends for Life

No More Doubts

As the Sperm Turns


15 Gestational Care 212

Twice in a Lifetime

16 Resolving Without Children 221

A Couple Family: The Decision to Live Child-Free

Life Goes On

17 Cancer and Infertility 230

Battles Won, Battles Fought

You Can Take That to the Bank: A True Story of Cancer and Fertility

18 Secondary Infertility 241

Only Thank God

You Have Evan

19 Parenting After Infertility 252

And Be Ye Eternally Grateful

Predictions and Unexpected Blessings

The Hardest Job I've Ever Done

Looking Back

Enduring Losses

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