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Fertility and Conception: Essential Guide to Boosting Fertility and Conceiving a Baby, by Karen Trewinnard

Fertility and Conception: The Essential Guide to Boosting Your Fertility and Conceiving a Healthy Baby--From Learning Your Fertility Signals to adopt

by Karen Trewinnard

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Format: Hardcover, 191pp. 
ISBN: 1582380163
Publisher: Golden Books Publishing Company, Incorporated 
Pub. Date: May 1999

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Book Description 

Ensuring that your baby has the best start in life requires careful planning, which needs to start well in advance of conception. In this remarkable guide for both mothers- and fathers-to-be, Karen Trewinnard, M.D., gives all the information needed to conceive and ensure a healthy pregnancy, including: -The most recent advice on all the nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and environmental factors that may affect reproductive health--and what to do about them -When and how to stop or change your contraception -Natural approaches to boosting fertility and overcoming any problems with conception -Practical tips and hints as well as a special action plan to follow in the three months prior to conception -The sensitive issues to discuss with your partner, with real-life accounts from future parents and special features that look ahead to pregnancy

With dozens of full-color photographs, charts, tables, and artwork, Fertility and Conception is the ideal pregnancy companion for any parent-to-be.

About the Author 

Karen Trewinnard, M.D., has developed an expertise in prepregnancy counseling in her 14 years' experience working in family planning clinics. The author of The Woman Alive Family Health Guide, she now runs a preconception planning clinic and lectures widely on preconception health. A regular contributor to many trade and consumer magazines, she lives in Southampton, England.

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