The Fertility Handbook, by C. Maud Doherty, Melanie Morrissey Clark

The Fertility Handbook

by C. Maud Doherty, Melanie Morrissey Clark

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Format: Paperback, 160pp. 
ISBN: 1886039550
Publisher: Addicus Books 
Pub. Date: October 2001

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One out six American couples has trouble conceiving. Author Melanie Morrissey Clark and her husband were one of those couple whose attempts to become parents were futile. Then they sought the help of C. Maud Doherty, M.D., a reproductive specialist. The result: the Clarks became the parents of triplets. Now in The Fertility Handbook, the doctor and her patient team to help other couple realize their dreams of having children.

They cover the following topics: how infertility is defined, causes of infertility, getting a diagnosis, treatment options, the male factor, coping emotionally, pregnancy loss, assisted reproductive technology, ending treatment, and the risk of multiple births.

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C. Maud Doherty, M.D., is an reproductive endocrinologist who has helped hundreds of couples become parents. She is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

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