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Fertility Plan: Holistic Program for Conceiving a Healthy Baby, by Helen Caton, Harold Buttram, Damien Downing

The Fertility Plan: A Holistic Program for Conceiving a Healthy Baby

by Helen Caton, Harold Buttram (Contributor), Damien Downing (Contributor)

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Format: Paperback, 144pp. 
ISBN: 0684869446 
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Trade 
Pub. Date: March 2000

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Book Description

Prepare for pregnancy, naturally

The Fertility Plan is a uniquely effective guide to boosting your fertility without relying on drug therapies or invasive surgical procedures. With its simple, five-stage holistic program, The Fertility Plan encourages you to develop fertility awareness and play an active, responsible role in your journey toward parenthood. Whether you're finding it difficult to conceive on your own, or you're looking for a safe, reliable way to ensure a healthy pregnancy, you can enhance your chances with:

  • A specific nine-month, countdown-to-conception plan that will bring you and your partner to peak mental and physical condition
  • Natural self-diagnosis methods for understanding both male and female fertility levels, including how to judge sperm quality and monitor egg production
  • Information on identifying and eliminating hazards to reproductive and fetal health
  • Instructions on how to use yoga, massage, homeopathy, and other natural treatments to boost fertility and keep your spirits high
  • A sound nutritional program for maintaining health before and during pregnancy

Fully illustrated and designed with dozens of user-friendly checklists, charts, and diagrams, The Fertility Plan provides the guidance you need to achieve the healthy pregnancy you want.

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Table of Contents 

Introduction   6 

Chapter 1 Ready for parenthood?   10 

Looking at parenting issues 

Practical considerations 

Your medical history 

Chapter 2 Boost your fertility   36 

Five steps to a healthy conception 

Detoxifying and strengthening your body 

Chapter 3 Fertility awareness   68 

Understanding your fertility 

Working in harmony with your personal cycles 

Dealing with subfertility 

Chapter 4 Complementary care   96 

Ways to boost your well-being 

Traditional therapies and exercise systems 

Healing from within 

Chapter 5 Countdown to conception   116 

Month-by-month checklists to help 

You prepare for pregnancy 

Appendix 1 Assisted conception   126 

Appendix 2 Charting fertility   130 

Keeping a lifestyle diary   132 

Bibliography   134 

Resources   138 

Index and acknowledgments   140


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