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The Fertility Question, by Margaret Nofziger

The Fertility Question

by Margaret Nofziger

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Format: Paperback 
ISBN: 0913990434
Publisher: Book Publishing Company, The 
Pub. Date: July 1982

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From the Foreword 

by Dr. James F. Daniell 
Infertile couples make up the largest silent minority in the world today, as one in six couples has difficulty conceiving. This well-written book gives excellent information on the problems an infertile woman may encounter, with a particularly good discussion on taking and interpreting the basal temperature. Understanding one's anatomy and physiology is of particular value for the infertile couple, and Ms. Nofziger's discussions on ovulation and the menstrual cycle are both accurate and easy to understand. I highly recommend this book for all persons interested in a brief, clear discussion of female infertility.

Book Description 

This book is a guide to infertility using the principles of Natural Family Planning to enhance the chances of conception. It also contains information on the medical infertility workup. The Fertility Question is a good companion on this difficult journey. Includes examples of temperature charting and a chapter of questions and answers.

From the Publisher 

This 1982 classic was taken out of print by the original publisher. Rights reverted to the author, Margaret Nofziger; and MND Publishing, Inc. purchased the remaining inventory and made this valuable book available once again. MND Publishing, Inc. will reprint future editions.

From the Back Cover

A Guide To Conception: Women are only fertile for about four days each menstrual cycle. Even so, many women become pregnant as soon as they decide to cease preventive measures, and conceive a child. But many women do not become pregnant when they make that momentous decision, and for them, the Fertility Question becomes a quest. Intimate knowledge of the female reproductive cycle, with its subtle signs and signals, can be an invaluable aid in this search.

About the Author

Margaret Nofziger is an author and free-lance writer on the subjects of fertility and nutrition. Margaret dealt with infertility of unknown cause for 8 years and ultimately was blessed with 2 children, now grown. She lives with her husband on a lake in Alabama.

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