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Fierce Longing: Women and Infertility, by Ruth H. Judy

Fierce Longing: Women and Infertility

by Ruth H. Judy

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Format: Paperback 
ISBN: 0970268807
Publisher: R S H J Communications 
Pub. Date: July 2001

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Book Description 

This book addresses the many issues facing women who are having difficulty creating their family by conceiving and bearing a child. Drawing on in-depth interviews with 26 women, Fierce Longing explores women's psychological, physical, and spiritual nature, her family and larger community, and the decisions and healing that can and do occur at various stages throughout her journey through infertility. Several perspectives are used to look at these areas. The first examines the role crises play in each person's life, both generally and specifically with infertility. The second perspective addresses infertility through mythology, using it to broaden our understanding of what happens when our old identity is insufficient and a new one must be forged. Women's voices provide the third perspective as women share their differing life stories and resolutions through rich antidotal material from the interviews.

About the Author 

Ruth H. Judy brings a unique perspective to the crisis of infertilty. In addition to her personal experiences with infertility, she has studied it from a transpersonal perspective, receiving her doctorate in transpersonal psychology in 1984. She then worked for a non-profit agency in California offering peer counseling to individuals experiencing life-threatening illnesses or grief. She is currently on the teaching staff at Oakwood Spiritual Life Center in Syracuse, Indiana, leading workshops on infertility, stress management, life transitions, archetypes, and women and spirituality. She and her husband have two adopted sons.

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