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Get Pregnant Now, infertility, by Heather MacLean Walters

Get Pregnant Now!: 101 Ways

by Heather MacLean Walters

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Format: Paperback, 108pp. 
ISBN: 0964891387
Publisher: M C E Press 
Pub. Date: October 2000 directories of infertility services and products:

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Table of Contents

Emotional Solutions   13
Make Sure You're Happy   14
Make Sure You Both Want Children   14
Make Sure You Both Want Children NOW   15
Get A Good Gynecologist   16
Get A Good Fertility Expert   16
Adopt A Child   18
Keep A Good Attitude   19
Relax   20
Get A Dog   20
Join An Infertility Support Group   20
Join An Internet Chat Group   21
Visit Internet Medical Sites   21
Leave Your Stressful Job   21
Get A New Job   22
Be In Love   22
Find An Upbeat Friend   22
Keep Thinking Of That 63 Yr. Old Mother 22
Read Everything 23
Realize It's OK If You Don't Get Pregnant 23 
Have A Snappy Comeback 23
Will Yourself To Ovulate 23 
Call Your Mother 24
Call Your Mother-In-Law 24 
Let Movies Get You In The Mood 25
Sex Solutions 27 
Women Should Have An Orgasm 28
You Need To Be Sexually Attracted To Your Mate 28 
Time Your Cycle Just Right 28
Keep Testicles Free And Cool 29
The Man Should Withdraw After One Ejaculation 29
Learn How To Tell If You're Ovulating 29
Use Ovulation Predictor Kit 30
Try Basal Body Temperature 30
Assess Your Cervical Mucus 30
Use A Home Pregnancy Kit 31
Lie Still For 15 Minutes After Sex 31
Do Not Exercise Heavily Before Sex 31
Make Yourself Available 32
Have Sex Regularly 32
Don't Have Sex Regularly 32
Have Missionary Sex 32
No Anal Sex 33
Have Few Sex Partners 33
Have Clean Sex 34
No Sex During A Herpes Or STD Outbreak 34
Pick A Partner With Good Genes 35
Women: Do Not Masterbate 35
Men: Masterbate Selectively 35
No Fellatio 36
No Cunnilingus 36
No K-Y Jelly 36
No Gels 36
Health Solutions 37
Start Exercising 38
Stop Exercising 38
Lower Your Blood Sugar 38
Lower Your Weight 39
Gain Some Weight 39
Have A DNA Analysis 39
Eat Zinc 39
Eat Vitamin C 40
Eat Extra Protein 40
Don't Drink 40
Don't Smoke 41
No Barbequed Foods 42
No Breathing Of Exhaust 42
No Steroids 43
Drink Water 43
Check Yourself For Infection 43
Check For Endometriosis 44
Check For Ovarian Cysts 44
Beware Of Herbal Cures 45
Start Taking A Multivitamin 45
Do Not Take Too Much Vitamin A 45
Do Not Take Too Much Vitamin D 46
Get Enough Folate 46
Stop All Other Non-Essential Medications 46
Robitussin For Colds 47
Aspirin For Headache 47
Guaifenesin For Cough 47
Aspirin For Immune Problems 48
Take Antibiotics For Infection 48
Do Not Use Accutane 48
Pre-Pregnancy Diet Analysis 49
Setting Up Your Diet Record 50
Your Food Record 51
Food Groups 52
Food Group Serving Sizes 53
Your Servings 54
Totals From Food Groups 55
Nutrient Analysis 56
Vitamin Analysis 57
Minerals Analysis 58
Calories/Protein/Carbohydrate/Fat 59
Food Group Action For Pregnancy Health 60
Vitamin Action For Pregnancy Health 61
Mineral Action For Pregnancy Health 62
Calories/Protein/Carbos/Fat Action for Health 63
Vitamin Table 64
Vitamin Hints 65
Mineral Table 66
Mineral Hints 67
Check Out Your Man 69
Male Infertility 70
40% Infertility Due To Male 70
Miscarriage More Common With Low Sperm Counts 70 
Check Sperm For Motility 70 
Check Sperm For Numbers 71
Spin The Man Down 71
Male Smokers Have Abnormal Sperm 71
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Affects Fertility 72
Ten Times Infertility Rate in Pesticide Workers 72
Chlordane Reduces Sperm Count 72
Jobs & Lunches That Decrease Sperm Count 73
Quick Tricks & Drugs That Help 75
Try The Cough Syrup Method 76
Take Clomid 76
Take Insulin Lowering Drugs 77
Check Your LH Level 77
Check Your FSH Level 77
Check Your Prolactin Level 78
Check Your Progesterone Level 78
Wait After Stopping Oral Contraceptives 79
Do Post-Coital Exam Of Cervical Mucus 79
Only Accept Fresh Sperm 79
Technological Solutions 81
Artificial Insemination 82
Donor Sperm 82
Borrowed Eggs 82
A Hysterosalpingogram 82
Laparascopic Surgery 83
IVF 84
Intravaginal Injections 84
Fallopian Surgery 85
ART 85
Miscarriage Solutions Chart 87
Insufficient Hormones 
Uterine fibroids
Misshapen uterus
Infertlity history
Miscarriage History
Previous Premature Births
Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Ectopic Pregnancy
Rh Factor
Placenta Previa
Abruptio placentae
Placental Insufficiency
Nidation Problems
Asherman's Syndrome
Incompetent Cervix
Genetic Problems
Checklist For Pregnancy 89
Fertility Questionnaire 95
Resources 99
Important Phone Numbers 100
Local Gynecologists 101
Fertility Specialists / 30 Miles 102
Infertility Groups / 30 Miles 103
Notes 104

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