Getting Pregnant, infertility, by Melvin J. Frisch, Gayle Rapoport

Getting Pregnant!

by Melvin J. Frisch, Gayle Rapoport

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Format: Paperback, 328pp. 
ISBN: 0399517111
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group 
Pub. Date: January 1987

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Focused too much on Fertility Intervention, December 1, 2000 
Reviewer: Sarah George (see more about me) from Arizona 
I bought this book with hopes that it would give me some tips on conceiving easier. It did have some good information, but is set up in a question/answer format, and the answers are not very in depth. I didn't like the fact that it mostly centered on fertility medication and other such medical intervention. Even if you are considering fertility intervention, I still would not recommend this book because it's information leaves you wanting more.

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From the Publisher

In clear, understandable language, this book will explain exactly what a fertility problem is and how to resolve it. It describes the causes of male and female infertility and details what tests are available to determine the source of the problem. All the latest procedures--in vitro and in-vivo fertilization, drug therapy, surgical techniques--are surveyed to provide what you need to know to evaluate and explore alternatives.

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