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Gift of Child: Guide to Donor Insemination, infertility, by Robert Snowden, Elizabeth Snowden

The Gift of a Child: A Guide to Donor Insemination

by Robert Snowden, Elizabeth Snowden

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Format: Paperback, 146pp. 
ISBN: 085989407X
Publisher: University of Exeter Press 
Pub. Date: December 1993

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Contains clear, non-technical information about childlessness caused by male infertility, and about how this childlessness can be resolved by the use of donor insemination. This book draws on the experience of couples whose own children were conceived by donor insemination.

From the Publisher

This completely revised version of the widely recommended "The Gift of a Child", first published in 1984, also incorporates information about the regulations covering donor insemination contained in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990.

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