Girlfriend to Girlfriend: A Fertility Companion, infertility, by Kristen Magnacca

Girlfriend to Girlfriend: A Fertility Companion

by Kristen Magnacca

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Format: Paperback, 164pp. 
ISBN: 1588202135
Publisher: 1stBooks Library 
Pub. Date: October 2000

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A personal record of an infertility journey, July 19, 2001
Reviewer: Linda D.Tillman (see more about me) from
Girlfriend to Girlfriend is a very personal story shared by Kristen Magnacca as she goes along her own infertility journey. Kristen's tale is quite descriptive and provides a view into one person's detailed experience of the world of infertility.

If you are without support, this book lets you know what the process was like for Kristen and may help you feel connected with someone who experienced a similar struggle. I will recommend the book to coaching clients who are alone and need a sense that others also have rough infertility experiences.

The book is somewhat similar to A Little Pregnant by Linda Carbone and Ed Decker. Because I felt so completely a part of the experience through Carbone's book, I missed the perspective of Kristen's husband in this one.

At the end of each chapter, Kristen has a suggestion or two. While these are useful, there aren't many of them.

For me, the best part of the book is the personal sharing.

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Customer Reviews

A reviewer, from the Boston area, January 22, 2001,
Very Helpful Book

This book is a very moving first-person account of one woman's journey into the world of infertility treatments. I really felt like I was 'there' with the author and her story made me feel less alone. It's inspiring that she wrote the book to help other 'girlfriends' learn from what she has learned. I recommend this book for anyone dealing with fertility issues or for anyone who wants to better understand what dealing with fertility issues feels like.

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