Guide to Reproduction: Social Issues Human Concerns, infertility, by Irina Pollard

A Guide to Reproduction: Social Issues and Human Concerns

by Irina Pollard

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Format: Paperback, 426pp. 
ISBN: 0521429250
Publisher: Cambridge University Press 
Pub. Date: January 1994

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This authoritative account is the first to draw together in a single volume a unique interdisciplinary perspective that describes in detail the biology of human reproduction as well as the impact of procreational behavior on human social structures, the environment and health.

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The purpose of this comprehensive text is to increase awareness of human reproduction and its consequences. The central theme links reproductive capacity, the social consequences of the multiple stresses this places on the environment and the ways this relates back to the reproductive health of humans and other animals. In the first section, the biology of human reproduction is discussed, including such topics as the treatment and causes of infertility growth and maturation, parental behaviour and neonate biology. The effects of procreational biology on the foundation of human social structure are also examined. The second part deals with reproduction as it relates to health and social issues such as stress, fertility control, AIDS, teratogens and errors of sexual differentiation. It is an invaluable resource for all those wishing to update their knowledge of human reproductive biology.

Table of Contents

Preface and acknowledgements
Fertility and infertility
Sex determination and gamete maturation
Neuroendocrine control of puberty
Control of the menstrual cycle
The testis and control of spermatogenesis
Sexual behaviour and pheromones
Sociobiology and reproductive success
Fertilization and the initiation of development
Maternal physiology during gestation and fetal development
Parturition and lactation: hormonal control
Parental behaviour and the physiology of the neonate
Decline in male reproduction and the menopause
Population dynamics, stress and the general theory of adaptation
Extinctions and the conservation of endangered species
Artificial control of fertility
Hormonal contributions to errors of sexual differentiation
The acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) epidemic: a global
The effect of nutrition and exercise on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis
Principles of teratology and an update on nicotine, ethanol and caffeine abuse
Ethical aspects of human reproductive biology

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