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I Got Pregnant, You Can Too: Healing Leads to Fertility, by Katie Boland, Khalil Tabsh

I Got Pregnant, You Can Too!: How Healing Yourself Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Leads to Fertility

by Katie Boland, Foreword by Khalil Tabsh

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Format: Paperback, 190pp.
ISBN: 1887424385
Publisher: Underwood Books, Inc.
Pub. Date: March 1998

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The author

Katie Boland , March 27, 2000 
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This book is about everything you can do to get pregnant, besides and in addition to, going to doctors. It's packed with ways you can help yourself conceive and ways you can maximize your medical treatment. This book helps women get their lives back and men get their wives back. It offers hope, inspiration and reassurance.

I rode the infertility roller coaster for 3 years, during which time I was diagnosed with lupus. I had blocked tubes from undetected chlamydia and after many drugs and surgeries, was told I wouldn't conceive. But I didn't give up. In the end, I got my baby girl. If I did it, so can you and I can show you how.

While researching this book, I discovered that many of the techniques I had personally used were part of a program at Harvard. Last year, I opened the Mind/Body Institute in Los Angeles, modeled after the world-renowned Infertility Program at the Harvard Medical School, under the direction of Alice D. Domar, Ph.D.

Domar's studies have shown that infertile women are as depressed as terminally ill patients. When their depression is lowered, using a 10-session program of coping methods, group support, self-nurturance, couples communication, exercise and nutrition, their conception rates rise. In fact, within one year of completing the program, 55% of the participants became pregnant and went on to deliver!

I welcome your thoughts and experiences. Believe and Breathe.


Reviewer: Patricia A Martinez (see more about me) from Houston, Tx United States 
I would truly recommend Katies book to any woman whom is going thru this roller coaster of infertily. What I liked best about her book is that it made me realize that stress plays a major role in getting pregnant. Reading her story and how she didnt take NO for answer, she had faith. I realize now that positive thinking has to work. I myself have had two miscarriages, my latest was in March. I am taking Katies book to heart, and hoping that my child will come to me too. I realize things happen for a reason/and happen when they are suppose to. I firmly believe my child will come to me when it feels "I AM READY"..This book also inspires you to look and think more about your over all well being and how its important.

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"Boland's unflinching account of how she struggled to get pregnant and bring her pregnancy to term will provide hope and knowledge to any woman who has experienced fertility problems."

From the Publisher

A woman tells her "against-all-odds" story of overcoming infertility by focusing on stress-reduction techniques. Part research report, part personal testimonial, part how-to manual, this book can help women who may be on the verge of giving up, showing them how they might overcome the obstacles to achieve their dreams of having a child. 224 pp. 9-city author tour. 25,000 print.

From Library Journal

In this very personal book, Boland relates her infertility experience and how she overcame it. After stating in the introduction that her book "is a comprehensive guide to everything you can do to get pregnant, besides going to doctors," she then outlines numerous ways to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being that, she argues, can increase the odds of becoming pregnant. Although her book could be an inspiration and guide to women desperately wanting to have a child, anyone having difficulty conceiving would be wise to seek medical help first, especially if other physical conditions or illnesses are present. The preface is written by the obstetrician who delivered Boland's baby, but much of the book questions the things physicians do and encourages women to consider alternatives. The numerous other books available on the subject include Helene S. Rosenberg's Getting Pregnant When You Thought You Couldn't (Warner, 1993) and Patricia Irwin Johnson's Taking Charge of Infertility (Perspectives, 1994). Recommended primarily for comprehensive consumer health collections.Mary J. Jarvis, Methodist Hosp. Medical Lib., Lubbock, TX


A reviewer (, a 35 year old professional woman, February 9, 2000,
Hated the title, but liked the book!
This book shows the affect that taking control of your mind/body can have. The author has written an inspiring book about battling/managing infertility and other health problems. I recommend it!

A reviewer, July 15, 1999,
So much valuable information and so intertesting to read
This woman has been through it all and trimphed over all the negative messages she received about her chances of conception. She lists valuable medical information as well as alternative medical practices which helped her conceive. She profiles other miracle stories of women who got pregnant against all odd. This book gives hope to everyone who is struggling with the pain of infertility. I highly recommend it.

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