Infertility and IVF: Facts and Feelings from Patients' Perspectives, by Jo Benson Dawn Robinson-Walsh

Infertility and IVF: Facts and Feelings from Patients' Perspectives

by Jo Benson, Dawn Robinson-Walsh

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Format: Paperback, 172pp.
ISBN: 1857270932
Publisher: Scarlet Press
Pub. Date: August 1997

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This books covers all aspects of infertility and IVF through the testimony of those who have experiences it.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is, for many, the last stage of the infertility investigation. At this point, it has been established that, for one reason or another, the woman cannot conceive naturally. Fertility problems are thought to effect around one in ten couples and it is a growing phenomenon. This book deals with all the aspects of infertility and isolating hospital experience that take over your life. Many share their thoughts and feelings on the difficulties that may arise. Their accounts illustrate the various medical conditions that could cause infertility and the treatments available, up to and including IVF.


A reviewer (, a 32 year old hopeful mother, November 9, 2000,
A depressing book
I found this book to be extremely depressing. The book mainly focuses on failed ivf treatment. I will be starting ivf treatment soon and did not need to read so many hopeless stories. I returned to book today for a full refund.


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