Infertility on the Internet: Get in Charge of Your Fertility, by Julie A Watson

Infertility on the Internet: How to Get On-Line and in Charge of Your Fertility

by Julie A Watson

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Format: Paperback, 176pp.
ISBN: 0966081617
Publisher: Conceiving Concepts, Incorporated
Pub. Date: March 1998

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The publisher, Conceiving Concepts, Inc. , March 17, 1998

Tired of searching for hours for information which you KNOW would help in overcoming your fertility challenge? Do you keep forgeting to bookmark the addresses of some of your favorite sites? Now there's a valuable resource directory which can aid you in finding ALL the INFORMATION and SUPPORT you need if you are battling infertility. ALL the information is quickly at your fingertips! Look at just SOME of the information you can easily find: * How to cope with friends and family, the holidays, and work. * How to select the right clinic and doctor for you. * Tons and tons of diagnostic information regarding endometriosis, annovulation, PCO, male factor, even rare disorders! * How to get your fertility questions answered FREE from on-line reproductive doctors! * How to get the MOST out of your insurance! * How to find out which pregnancy and ovulation kits are the best. * How to find and learn about natural fertility methods. * And MUCH, MUCH, more! Even if you, or a friend you know, have never been on a computer, the Internet could become your best weapon in aiding fertility management. Julie Watson, an engineer and fellow fertility patient, has compiled an easy-to-use, hands-on manual to show you just how to take advantage of this wonderful resource. You'll quickly learn how to obtain fertility information and get the support NOW to manage your fertility. This step-by-step guide also includes: * A quick introduction to the Internet and what you need to get on-line. * How to get on-line EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR OWN COMPUTER or know how to use one! * A DETAILED directory of over 250 Web sites containing fertility information! * An EXTENSIVE listing of fertility-related mailing lists, newsgroups, and chat rooms for support! * How to EASILY search the Net to find answers to specific questions you may have.

The publisher, Conceiving Concepts, Inc. , January 21, 1998

From the Foreword by Donald L. Cline, MD
"Julie Watson...has interwoven her personal experience with infertility and the Internet, as is only possible for a person knowledgeable in both areas. The author...has been able to categorize and explain the sites so that they can be used by the most novice or the most experienced 'surfer'."

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