Laughin' fertility: A Bundle of Observations for the Baby-Making Challenged, by Lisa Safran

Laughin' fertility: A Bundle of Observations for the Baby-Making Challenged

by Lisa Safran

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Format: Paperback, 157pp. 
ISBN: 096698580X
Pub. Date: August 1999

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If you're having trouble making a baby, sometimes it's better to laugh than cry...In Laughin'fertility, a guide to laughter by "baby-making challenged" author Lisa Safran, you'll discover a funny, new perspective on the procedures, methods and treatments you're going through in order to make a baby. From countless pelvic exams to the humbling semen analysis, blood tests to self-administered hormone shots, Laughin'fertility offers a slew of observations that shed light on the heavy-duty subject of infertility.

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Lisa Safran and her husband Craig have been trying to make a baby for nearly five exhausting years. Invitro fertilization (aka IVF) seemed to be there only chance of conceiving. They have been married 10 years and make each other laugh daily, no matter what life dishes out.

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Vicky Collins (, a stay at home mom from New Jersey, November 28, 1999,
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A wise person once said, “Laughter is the best medicine.” The hysterical author, Lisa Safran, takes this saying to a new level. She shares her experience of infertility in a way that is bound to help you relax and find humor in every aspect of your baby making journey.

Having fertility problems is no laughing matter for a couple who wants so much to have a baby. However, the author is here to help you get through the grueling process by letting you know what to anticipate, and she shows you that it is possible to find humor along the way.

Laughin'fertility is like a cross between The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy (Infertility) and a What to Expect When You're going through IVF.

Reading Laughin'fertility is bound to help you keep a positive approach while you go through your own journey of infertility.

Hopefully, the author will inspire you to keep an open mind and a light heart while reminding you every day that “laughter is indeed the best medicine.”

I highly recommend it to anyone who is having trouble conceiving.

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