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Maximize Your Vitality and Potency For Men Over 40, by Jonathan V. Wright M.D., Lane Lenard Ph.D., Jonathan Wright

Maximize Your Vitality and Potency: For Men Over 40

by Jonathan V. Wright M.D., Lane Lenard Ph.D., Jonathan Wright

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Format: Paperback, 1st ed., 256pp. 
ISBN: 0962741817
Publisher: Smart Publications 
Pub. Date: November 1998

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Julian Whitaker, M.D., Editor Health & Healing Newsletter 

"Readers of this book will literally run to their physicians for prescriptions of natural testosterone - not only for enhancing sexual vitality but also as a valuable adjunct for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and other conditions. They will likewise become informed as to the dangers of synthetic testosterone and other hormones. This is truly a remarkable book." -

William Regelson, M.D., Author The Melatonin Miracle The Super Hormone Promise 

"A very good book, a very thorough documentation of the role of testosterone in aging. Testosterone is like the steel bar in reinforced concrete. It provides strength and elasticity and prevents us from crumbling." -

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A non-drug regimen helps men over 45 preserve health, strength, mental energy, and sexual function.

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Text on the benefits of natural testosterone replacement for men. Concerns the clinical uses of testosterone, diet, vitamin and mineral supplements, herbs, exercise, limited alcohol intake, elimination of tobacco and other drugs, and stress reduction. For consumers. Softcover.

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Forget About Viagra(r)... Never mind Proscar(r)... Natural Testosterone is the Real Thing Natural Testosterone and other natural remedies have been scientifically shown to enhance sexuality, vitality, cardiovascular health, and general health. These treatments work better than Viagra(r) and Proscar(r) and have fewer side effects.

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From Library Journal

Wright (Natural Hormone Replacement for Women Over 40, Smart Pub., 1997) proposes that many symptoms of aging can be significantly lessened by appropriate replacement of testosterone. Like other recent writers (Jed Diamond, Male Menopause, LJ 7/98; Charles Inlander, Men's Health and Wellness Encyclopedia, LJ 5/1/98), Wright favors the term "male menopause" for the climacteric. Like Eugene Shippen (The Testosterone Syndrome, LJ 4/1/98), Wright reviews the clinical research of the last 60 years and concludes that critical sex hormone imbalances occur in both sexes in midlife and that natural testosterone therapy is beneficial in treating a number of symptoms and diseases long thought part of the normal aging process: heart disease, prostate disease, muscle and bone weakness, depression, high cholesterol, weight gain, and diminished mental acuity, as well as sexual libido and performance. Wright includes more than most readers may want to know about testosterone; Shippen covers essentially the same ground and is probably the better purchase.--James Swanton, Harlem Hosp. Lib., New York

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