One Tiny Hope: A Journal To My Adopted Child, by Kari Gilliam Palmer

One Tiny Hope: A Journal To My Adopted Child

by Kari Gilliam Palmer

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Hardcover - 174 pages (September 1, 2000)
Wheeler & Holland Publishing Co.
ISBN: 0967465656

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The Book Reader Magazine Spring/Summer 2000:
This is a poignant, clear-sighted journal, a memoir that speaks about the difficult journey from infertility to adoption.

Kandy Radzinski, author and artist:
It was good, very good. The intimate story you told touched my heart.

Janus C. Couve, LMSW-ACP,Executive Director, Adoption Affiliates:
Thank you for sharing your moving and heartwarming journal through infertility and adoption.

Jane Mattes- Single Mothers By Choice New:
A moving and inspiring story of a real and determined family's quest to become parents.

Book Description

An inspirational "must read" for any adoptee, family trying to adopt, or birth mother. In journal style format addressed to her future adopted child. Palmer writes candidly about her experiences and feelings while becoming an unwilling expert on the world of adoption as she searches intently for a child. With raw emotion, and events that read like fiction, this book exposes the heart of every person waiting to become a parent through adoption and touches the heart of every person who reads it.

From the Publisher

Palmer makes you want to stand up and cheer her on through every obstacle she had to overcome in order to find her baby she had always longed to have... This is one of the most rewarding books. I promise when you finish, your heart will smile because you have experienced the truth that miracles really can come true.

From the Author

This book was written for all adopted children everywhere so they would know how much their adoptive parents wanted and love them. I also wanted all birth mothers to know what a wonderful thing they have done by helping someone like myself who would have never been able to have a family with out them. Also to give other couples trying to adopt hope that their day will come, and their child will be well worth the wait.

About the Author

Kari Gilliam Palmer is a member of the Oklahoma Center for Poets and Writers. She enjoys playing tennis, horseback riding, and antiquing.

Kari lives on a ranch in Oklahoma with her husband Mark and two daughters. She is donating a portion of this book's proceeds to RESOLVE, a national nonprofit group that helps those with infertility problems, and to the Adoption Agency.

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