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Pennies from Heaven: Meditations Couples Get Pregnant, by Frances Stone, Philip Stone

Pennies from Heaven: 101 Meditations for Couples Trying to Get Pregnant

by Frances Stone, Philip Stone

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Format: Paperback, 176pp.
ISBN: 014025529X
Publisher: Viking Penguin
Pub. Date: June 1998

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From the Publisher

Everyone knows someone who's going through the process of trying to conceive a child. For some people this effort is merely a minor struggle, but for others it can mean months, and years, of profound disappointment and heartbreak. There are hundreds of books that give advice on how to get pregnant, but very few on how to cope with such a trying ordeal. Pennies from Heaven offers much-needed comfort, support, and hope in the form of 101 daily meditations. Each entry begins with a quote or idea for the day, followed by a thoughtful discussion. Written by a couple who underwent their own difficulties attempting to conceive (with eventually happy results), Pennies from Heaven offers perspectives for both men and women, and covers issues from the mundane to the more philosophical, and everything that comes between. At once funny, tender, and wise, it provides the kind of solace that most infertility books can't - the kind that comes from the heart.

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