Pride and Joy: The Lives and Passions of Women Without Children, by Terri Casey

Pride and Joy: The Lives and Passions of Women Without Children

by Terri Casey

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Format: Paperback, 224pp. 
ISBN: 188522382X
Publisher: Beyond Words Publishing 
Pub. Date: August 1998

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This is an enlightening collection of first-person interviews with twenty-five women who have decided not to have children. This book shatters the stereotypes that surround voluntarily childless women--that they are self-centered, immature, workaholic, unfeminine, materialistic, child-hating, cold, or neurotic. Diversity is a strong suit of this book. The narrators range in age from twenty-six--Sarah Klein, who teaches second grade in an inner city public school, to eighty-two--Ruby Burton, a retired court reporter who grew up in a mining camp. They are married, partnered, cohabiting, single, divorced, and widowed, from privileged backgrounds and disadvantaged ones, happy families and troubled ones. The women talk about their family histories, intimate relationships, self-images, creative outlets, fears, ambitions, dreams, and connections to the next generation. Even though these women are not mothers, many voluntarily childless women help to raise and sometimes rescue the next generation while retaining the personal freedom they find so integral to their identities.

The author, Terri Casey,, , December 7, 1998 talks about who can benefit from reading "Pride & Joy":

In the U.S., one in five women in their early 40s don't have children -- and many of them chose not to. In "Pride & Joy," 25 such women share their positive stories. I produced this book to affirm women without children, and to offer information and insight to women deciding whether to become mothers. "Pride & Joy" will also help women whose daughters, sisters, or friends have made this choice -- or are contemplating it -- to better understand their loved ones.

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"They're my pride and joy" is a decades-old expression used by mothers to describe their children, but for the increasing number of women who choose not to bear children, "pride and joy" comes instead from their own accomplishments and activities. Too often, however, the decision made by many women to forego motherhood is met with hostility from a pro-motherhood/pro-child society. consequently, women who don't have children are often stereotyped as selfish, immature, workaholic, unfeminine, materialistic, cold, and even neurotic.

In 25 stories from a diverse group of women who have chosen not to bear children, author Terri Casey shatters those stereotypes. These ordinary women -- some old, some young, and all from varying ethnic and cultural backgrounds -- explain how they have been drawn to paths in life that don't include children and how their lives are full, productive, and happy.

Speaking about their families, their marriages and intimate relationships, their fears and their dreams, these women display their commitment to improving the lives of others -- children included. They comprise a portrait gallery of role models for women who do not want children of their own and for women who are pondering their reproductive futures.

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Journalist Casey talks with 25 women from their middle 20s to middle 80s who have chosen not to have children. They talk about the contributions they make to their communities through their careers, causes, and families. They assure readers they are leading happy and satisfying lives and so can others, regardless of what traditionalists and moralists say. No index. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

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