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Promise to Deliver: Woman's Battle to Overcome Infertility, by Rhonda Kanan and Philip Golabuk

Promise to Deliver: The True Story of One Woman's Eleven-Year Battle to Overcome Infertility

by Rhonda Kanan and Philip Golabuk

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Format: Paperback, 246pp. 
ISBN: 1893064506
Publisher: Creative Consortium, Incorporated 
Pub. Date: September 1999

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Book Description

This is the true story of Rhonda's eleven-year struggle with infertility. The details of her journey reveal her bold courage, patience, perseverence and indomitable faith. Rhonda's story is a gift to anyone who has faced the same nightmare and is struggling to survive it. In addition, it is filled with the most current medical knowledge about IVF, proven suggestions for nutrition and other health tips. It also addresses the dire need for legislation to cover women with this health problem, speaking as an advocate's voice.

About the Author

Rhonda Kanan resides in Orlando, Florida with her husband and four children. She is co-founder and officer in a company which specializes in the design and construction of healthcare facilities. I addition to her roles as wife, mother, and business woman, Rhonda is an aggressive advocate of the rights of women with infertility problems, both in the legislative arena and on the insurance coverage front. She speaks before groups and organizations, keeps up a continuing dialogue with legislators and rallies all who have been affected by this problem to support efforts to change the current status of treatment availability.

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