Resolving Infertility, by Diane Aronson, Diane N. Clapp, Margaret R. Hollister

Resolving Infertility

by Diane Aronson (Editor), Diane N. Clapp (Editor), Margaret R. Hollister

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Format: Paperback, 384pp.
ISBN: 0060957999
Publisher: HarperTrade 
Pub. Date: January 2001

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From the Publisher

Dealing with infertility is, at best, a frustrating experience. At work, it's confusing, emotional grueling, and expensive. But it doesn't have to be. Resolving Infertility, from the country's foremost infertility organization, is an invaluable roadmap to navigating the vast landscape of infertility options. Its special interactive design offers simple tools to facilate your decision making, from "Decision Tress" to "Questions to Ask" to sections sharing firsthand accounts from people coping with infertility. You'll also learn,in clear, compassionate language, the latest information on:Choosing your medical teamCutting-edge medical treatments The myriad emotional issues surrounding infertility and its treatment Alternative family-building options, such as adoption, surrogacy, and donor pregnancy Planning your finances and knowing your legal options Making the decision to live child-free and much more

From the Critics

From Judith Reichman
Since 1974, RESOLVE has provided invaluable information, as well as emotional and legislative support to thousands of couples and individuals who have not been able to have children. This book continues this service and is a wonderful guide to the work-up, medical treatments and alternative options in the brave new world of infertility.

From Lynn S. Wilcox
Infertility is not only a clinical diagnosis but a series of medical, social, economic, and personal challenges. This book offers critical information on all these challenges to help couples and individuals make informed decisions as they work toward resolution.

From Barbara Eck Menning
RESOLVE's mission is education, advocacy and support. Resolving Infertility offers all three generously. The great strength of this book is its discussion, not just of medical issues, but of the emotional and social impact of infertility and alternatives. Written in clear, user-friendly language, it befriends the reader, assuming no right or wrong decisions, but carefully spelling out the options.

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