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Sweet Grapes: How to Stop Being Infertile, by Jean W. Carter, Michael Carter

Sweet Grapes: How to Stop Being Infertile and Start Living Again

by Jean W. Carter, Michael Carter

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Paperback expande edition (March 1998)
Perspectives Press
ISBN: 0944934234

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The publisher, Perspectives Press: The Infertility and Adoption Publisher ( , June 19, 1997

Reviews of this book by Jean AND Michael Carter include... From ALA Booklist (10.1/89)... A pwoerful book that offers hope to childless couples seeking to regain control of their lives." From the American Society of Reproductive Medicine's Fertility News (December, 1989)... "Dr. Jean Carter, an obstetrician-gynecologist, and her husband an English professor, coauthored this book. Together they have pesonally wrestled with the many issues of infertility and have resolved to live "childfree." Their unique circumstances have enabled them to write a book that is both informative and entertaining. Few, if any books in this are deal with the issue of chidlessness and resolving fertility desires as well as this text. The authors' approach is best summarized in this quotation from Linda P Salzer, author of Infertility: How Couples Can Cope...'When you are chasing the dream of a baby, it is easy to forget that life has the potential for many other dreams and fulfillments.' Dr. and Mr. Carter review the pros and cons of accepting infertility and choosing childlessness as well as describe the many reasons why couples may or may not have difficulty in accepting this option.... This book is recommended for all couples who are nearing th end of their infertility options , or for those who are unsure whether to pursue infertility therapy at all." From Provident Book Finder (March/April, 1990)..."An excellent resource for infertility counselors and thoes infertile couples who have become 'drifters' within the decision making process." From RESOLVE's national newsletter (September, 1989)... This provocative book offers guidance on how to end the infertility crisis and to reinvigorate life by making positive choices....The book presents clear models for decision-making; for rediscovering and ordering priorities, which often become obscured during the infertiliyt years, and for investing in the decision to stop being infertile, whether that decision is one to lead a childfree life or to build an adoptive family...SG is a major contribution to the dialogue on infertility resolution. It demystifies and legitimzes the childgree alternative and offers a fresh perspetive on life after infertility... The good life the authors obviously hae forged, even enhanced, through experiencing infertility seems proof that the fabled grapes indeed may be sweet, even if one is unable to reach the longed-for fruit: a biological family." --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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