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This Too Shall Pass: Handbook for Emotions of Infertility, by Lori Durante Rardin

This Too Shall Pass: A Handbook for the Emotions of Infertility

by Lori Durante Rardin

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Format: Hardcover, 112pp. 
ISBN: 0967637708
Publisher: Chasing Rainbows Publications 
Pub. Date: November 1999

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Book Description

The book "This Too Shall Pass," subtitled "A hanbook for the emotions of infertility" has helpful tools and ideas for coping with the emotions that sprout from the struggles of infertility. The book will also educate an uneducated society about infertility, as well as help family members to understand what their infertile loved ones are going through.

The author, Lori , July 21, 2000

Genuine compassion for those struggling with infertility
Greetings! First I'd like to say that I am grateful that offers books on the subject of infertility, as it is a rare subject to be had at bookstores.

To those customers who have given my book a less then complimentary review, I would like to apologize if the book did not fit your needs. I wrote it with the intent of sincerely helping others. I hope that you can find something that does fit your needs, and that you are blessed in whatever you decide to do with your infertility situation.

Perhaps if I better explain what the book is about, others can decide for themselves on whether or not to read it. I wrote this book with two goals in mind. To comfort those struggling with infertility, and to educate society about it. I tell my own personal story of emotions in the book (through poetry), and I share tools in regular text form that helped me to cope while going through infertility myself. The tools I share do mention a 12 step program, which is meant to induce a spiritual way of coping. The reason the book depicts the harsh realities of infertility is to help a "fertile society" to better understand the full scope of the infertility experience. My book presents all options, and does not enforce any one choice to "move on" with. That is up to each individual. Any and all decisions are supported in the book. Mainly it is for those still in the midst of the struggle and decision making, and for their friends and family members.

I do not claim to have all the answers, but I do claim to have genuine compassion for those experiencing infertility. I can only hope that my words will somehow comfort you, and make you aware that you are not alone. While at the same time, I hope it shows those who have not experienced infertility how to have compassion towards it. Always remember the difference between "helping" and "healing." One can use the book to help them if they so choose, but healing must be done from within each indivudual.

So if you are looking for a spiritual way of coping, and you wish that family members and friends could understand infertility better, then I hope that you find this book helpful for both you and those loved ones. I wish you all a very grand and blessed life.

About the Author

Lori Durante Rardin struggled with infertility for 6 years herself. She has put her many years of writing experience into use to hold others hands while going through infertility. She is speaking at infertility support groups, and has been on local TV talk shows regarding her book, and the subject of infertility. Ms. Rardin hopes that one day infertility will no longer be thought of as something to be ashamed of, but rather, a courageous spiritual journey to be embraced and conquered. Ms. Rardin intends to expand her message outward to the world.

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