Wanting Another Child: Coping with Secondary Infertility, by Harriet F. Simons

Wanting Another Child: Coping with Secondary Infertility

by Harriet F. Simons

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Format: Paperback, 1st ed., 208pp. 
ISBN: 0787943746
Publisher: Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers 
Pub. Date: October 1998 
Edition Desc: 2ND

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Secondary infertility is often a "hidden" issue, and couples suffering from the inability to have another wanted child often feel caught in the netherworld between the childless infertile and parents of larger families. Harriet Fishman Simons, a clinician specializing in fertility issues and a support group leader for RESOLVE, an advocacy group for infertile individuals, has been involved in infertility issues for over 20 years. In her book Wanting Another Child: Coping with Secondary Infertility, Simons discusses the plight of the secondarily infertile--the awkwardness of being among infertile couples without children, the pain of watching other families conceive again. The book takes a broad-based look at an issue that is becoming more common as more couples rely on fertility treatments to form their families. Simons weaves personal stories with theory and sociological data. She includes chapters on social and emotional issues (the effects of secondary infertility on the couple as well as friends, family, and coworkers), parenting during secondary infertility issues (helping children cope with their parent's secondary infertility), and possible resolutions to and strategies for coping with secondary infertility. Simons's style may be academic, but the information and message is not, and this book is a welcome addition to a new subfield of study. --Ericka Lutz

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"Couples who experience secondary infertility are at odds with their emotions and their place among other infertile couples...addresses this issue with tenderness and sensibility."

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A welcome support for couples and an informative resource for practitioners

A full and rich book that explores the special challenges of people facing infertility as parents. The personal stories are emotionally evocative and well balanced with explanations and strategies. A helpful book for parents facing infertility and the people who help them

-- Peg Beck, former executive director, RESOLVE of the Bay State

The author explores the emotional costs of secondary infertility on parents as well as on the child or children the couple already has and provides strategies for coping with and eventually resolving secondary infertility by sharing a variety of personal experiences.

Table of Contents

1. An Overview of Secondary Infertility

I. Social and Emotional Issues

2. The Emotional Impacts of Secondary Infertility

3. Weathering Secondary Infertility as a Couple

4. Your Relationships with Family, Friends, and Co-workers

5. Caught between Two Worlds

II. Parenting During Secondary Infertility

6. Helping Your Child Cope with Secondary Infertility

7. Other Parenting Concerns

III. Possible Resolutions To and Strategies for Coping with Secondary Infertility

8. Working with Your Medical Providers

9. Considering Possible Outcomes

10. Surviving Secondary Infertility

Appendix: Survey


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