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When Empty Arms Become Burden: Couples Facing Infertility, by Sandra Glahn, William Cutrer (Contributor)

When Empty Arms Become a Heavy Burden: Encouragement for Couples Facing Infertility

by Sandra Glahn, William Cutrer (Contributor)

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Format: Paperback, 244pp. 
ISBN: 0805461272
Publisher: Broadman & Holman Publishers 
Pub. Date: January 1997

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From the Publisher

There's good news for couples who have been diagnosed as infertile; more than half of them will eventually conceive a child. One in six Americans of childbearing age experiences infertility problems-typically causing stress, sexual difficulties, marital discord, and a disturbing uncertainty about the future. This book focuses on building an attitude of hope and optimism.

Customer Reviews

Fina (, November 9, 2000,
Wow - amazing!

The best book I have ever read about the emotional pain of infertility. Instead of the technical mumbo jumbo it concentrates on biblical teachings, emotional healing, and it gives so much hope. Amazing book.

Also recommended: What To Expect When Experiencing Infertility

A reviewer, , February 15, 2000,
This book was the best of several I have read.

The author has been on the infertility journey for many years. Her words gave me a different outlook, with hope and strength. She also writes how this has impacted her struggle with her faith and religion and gives gentle spiritual hope.

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