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Whole Person Fertility Program: Mind-Body Help You Conceive, by Niravi B. Payne, Brenda Lane Richardson, Brenda Lee Richardson

The Whole Person Fertility Program: A Revolutionary Mind-Body Process to Help You Conceive

by Niravi B. Payne, Brenda Lane Richardson, Niravi B. Paynbe, Brenda Lee Richardson

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Format: Paperback, 1st ed., 246pp. 
ISBN: 0609801988
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group 
Pub. Date: May 1998

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Women having difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term will gain much wisdom from this book. Basing her program on the mind-body connection, author Niravi Payne has developed a therapeutic program for connecting with one's inner self to uncover the reasons behind fertility problems. In a nutshell, that means that women who can't conceive may not want to conceive in the first place. They may have other psychological barriers to conception, such as feeling that their partner isn't right for them, or ambivalence over what they see is a trade-off between motherhood and their career. "Emotions, whether conscious or unconscious, provoke physical responses," says Payne. She says that the most sophisticated fertility treatments in the world won't help women whose infertility is purely emotionally based, but for women who are using in vitro fertilization and other high-tech treatments, her program will greatly enhance the chances of conception.

(While she's helped hundreds, if not thousands, of women become pregnant, she doesn't reveal the percentage of her patients who've successfully given birth. She says that all her clients are given a new ability to heal themselves, which makes the process of adoption and other parenting alternatives--including the choice of not having children--easier to consider for those women who eventually come to terms with their infertility.)

Because the emotions that affect fertility have roots as far back as childhood, Payne's program--a "healing journey"--is very thorough and requires a great deal of self-exploration and analysis. What are your attitudes toward childbirth? How has your past molded your present? Have you fully mourned for past abortions, miscarriages, or stillbirths? How have repressed emotions contributed to your infertility symptoms or other female health problems?

While Payne's book focuses on women's fertility, she also includes information about how the mind-body program can apply to men. She also includes copious recommendations for additional reading and resources for biofeedback equipment, lists of holistic medical doctors, and addresses and phone numbers of foundations and associations for further help and support.

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" by the founder and director of the Whole Person Fertility Program...promotes meditations, family tree mapping, journaling, & visualizations to help couples understand what may be hindering successful conception."

From the Publisher

The first mind-body program that helps women and couples to discover and work through emotional and psychological barriers to conception, The Language of Fertility teaches methods of conscious fertility that can work with or without the assistance of your physician. The Language of Fertility challenges the traditionally held view that problems with fertility are due to purely a medical condition to be treated with drugs and surgery. Niravi Payne explains how affected and men's bodies and minds can be so affected by generations of their family's beliefs and patterns of behavior that their natural fertility and ability to conceive can be blocked. Her unique techniques of self-analysis help women, men, and couples become conscious about how they need to change their minds and their lives to reclaim their natural fertility and conceive and give birth to a baby. Her methods are helpful at any time - whether used while undergoing medical reproductive treatments, between treatments, or independent of any medical treatment. In the Whole Person Fertility Program, Payne leads readers through the same exercises, family tree mappings, meditations, visualizations, and journal-writing that have helped her clients break through the emotional barriers to conception and have led them to heal their whole lives - whether or not pregnancy occurs. And she tells dozens of inspiring and compelling case studies from her own practice, in which her clients have healed their relationships to their spouses, siblings, and other family members, and as a direct result have been able to conceive.

Table of Contents




Introduction: The Mind-Body Connection in Reproduction   1

Pt. 1 How Social Forces Have Affected Your Fertility   15

1 Why So Many Baby Boomers Are Experiencing Fertility Problems   17

2 Who Says I Am Too Old?   45

Pt. 2 What Your Childhood Has to Do with Your Fertility   71

3 Making the Connection Between Your Emotions and Family and Your Fertility   73

4 The Whole Person Fertility Program in Action   110

5 The Healing Journey   125

Pt. 3 Emotional Keys to Healing Specific Reproductive Issues 155

6 Communicating with Your Mind-Body   157

7 Menstrual and Ovulation Irregularities   171

8 Miscarriages: "How Can I Hold My Pregnancy to Term?"   182

9 Secondary Reproductive Difficulties   196

10 Men's Fertility Issues   207

Pt. 4 Healing the Whole Family   229

11 Creating Conscious Relationships   231

Epilogue: No Endings, Only Beginnings   245

Endnotes   247

Recommended Reading   255

Resources   259

Index   262

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