Wishing for Baby: Preconception Journal, by Julie A. Watson, Corinne Greenberg

Wishing for a Baby: A Preconception Journal

by Julie A. Watson, Corinne Greenberg

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Format: Other Format, 156pp. 
ISBN: 0966081609
Publisher: Conceiving Concepts, Incorporated 
Pub. Date: October 1997

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Editorial Reviews - The publisher, Conceiving Concepts, Inc.

December 12, 1997 Are You Wishing for a Baby?
Finally, now there's an invaluable tool for fertility management! This beautiful spiral-bound workbook contains 10 sections to help manage the emotions (and often treatment) in undertaking this life-changing event. Each tabbed section contains a guide to the subject, along with suggested reading and Web sites. Topics include: Charting your Fertility Signs (organized charts to help record your BBT, cervical fluid & position, and many, many, more signs!) Daydreaming of Your Child (space to write to your future child!) Natural Fertility Treatments (record any treatments, practices you are undertaking) Fertility Decision Making (10 questions to answer every time you need to make a decision regarding entering, continuing, or ending treatment) Managing Friends & Family (practice great comeback lines) Medical Fertility Intervention (record all the test results which are conducted!) Doctor's Appointments (record what's said, and questions to ask at your next appointment) Grief/Pregnanc

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